March 24, 2010

Wow....It's Been Awhile

So, I really haven't kept this up too well, but in my defense I did get a lot of stuff done in the beginning, then I kind of took a month off because I was tired...Planning is a lot of work.

However, there have been some new developments. narrowed down to just one...actually, I only contacted just one caterer, because that's just how I roll. I like the menu, it looks delicioso and they have cheesey potatoes, so it really can't go wrong.

-DJ. Zach and I have found our DJ (once again, the first and only one I contacted and looked at). Some may say this is a bad idea, however, I have been pretty lucky with all of the firsts that I've looked, we'll go with it. We also got a SWEET deal because the guy misquoted the price in his email to us, so we got 400 dollars off the original price for four hours...I feel kind of bad, but not really!

-Horse and Carriage...YES we are having one. I contacted the lady last week and she is (hopefully) sending me a contract soon! Super psyched about's such a fairy tale thing and it'll be so much fun (if the weather doesn't get nasty...which is a huge factor, but I'm thinking positively) seems so small, but I've been looking everywhere for earrings that will complete my outfit. I have three suitable choices, one pair is borrowed from my grandma and the other two pairs I bought recently. I think the winners are going to be the marcasite hoops with pearl drop, they're very pretty, but I will bring all three in to try on with my dress. I don't want a necklace, but I do want a bracelet, so I'm on the market for that now too.

On a side note, I've been thinking a lot about the something old, new, borrowed and blue. The dress is new, my claddagh ring I will be wearing is old (by only a few years, but I think it counts), I have nothing borrowed unless I use my grandma's earrings, and blue is either my shoes, or I'm thinking I could always wear blue underwear if all else fails. TMI? Sorry, but it's just a thought.

Uh...I think that's about it for now. As always, I am on the never-ending quest for shoes that will go with my dress. I want something with color, either blue or teal (not that those are my colors, I just like them) but if need be I think silver would work just as well. I will probably have three pairs in winter boots, my heels, and a pair of flats for dancing at the reception. I've found some cute heels but of course, they are $150 or more and I just can't drop that kind of cash on shoes, let's be serious.

I think what's next is organzing: flowers, centerpieces, RINGS (I'm in charge of procuring the wedding we'll see how that goes), tuxes for Zach and the groomsmen, transportation for wedding party (horse and carriage only holds 4), and gifts for wedding party, parents, etc. A lot of it is little stuff, but I'm sure it will all work out fine. But the little stuff does get to me, so we'll see. (But the reason I'm doing all this craziness is because of the wonderful guy above, so I guess it's worth it!)