May 13, 2011

First Order!

I am {finally} mailing out my first order today--WOOT!!  I'm so excited!!  I made cute little business cards to go in them that have my blog and shop address on them.

The order I am sending out is for my sister's friend (though I've known her since I was little).  She wanted three clutches and three makeup bags that she will give as gifts!!  She left the fabric choices and colors all up to me, so I hope she loves what I chose.  Unfortunately I made the {rookie} mistake of NOT taking any pictures of them before sending---whoops!  Mostly because I don't have my sister's fabulous camera anymore {frowny face}.

But, that's okay.  I will make more once my sister's wedding is over and post them on etsy {another finally here}.  I also included extra business cards in my package to her (because she asked for them) so hopefully I can get some stuff posted soon in case I actually get {a little} business from word of mouth!

Anyways, here are some pictures of my packaging.  Nothing special, just tissue and some embroidery thread, and of course my brand-spanking-new business card (the deets on my blog and shop are on the back--didn't take a picture of that either--duh {slaps hand on forehead}!).

Also, I took these pictures with my phone, which isn't one of those fancy everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-phones, so the clarity is pretty awful!!

Pretty {crumpled} tissue paper.  It's crumpled because I had it all packed up to ship but then took it out to add my fancy business card!

"creations for a happy life!" My little tagline for my shop. I'm sure it is being used in multiple other places, but as far as I can remember I haven't plagiarized!!  Plus I think it sums up what I do: CREATE.  And people will just have to go online if they want to find out just what kind of things I "create!"

That's all for today!!

Oh... and a little shameless blog plugging for my husband.  He has his own blog (he actually started before I did {gasp}) and his blog address is:

It's really about sports, movies, tv, anything on his mind, a little politics, not so much religion, but just about anything (but really, sports and movie heavy).  I think he's hilarious though {I swear I'm not biased}!!

Okay, goodbye for good (I'll try to post elephant pictures soon!!)

I lied!!  Wrigley is at work with me again today and she says, "Woof!" (which means "hi!").

Or not because she looked away!!  But she's still cute, even in side profile!!


May 10, 2011

I should be arrested...

....for neglect.

Hello, again, my little neglected blog.  Hmm... perhaps I should change your name to that, "The Little Neglected Blog."  I like how that sounds, but we'll stay with what we know.

Sorry I've been gone for so long... school is winding down (not really), which means it is insanely busy in the world of Kristi.  Oh, and the sister gets married in less than two weeks so there's that.  Oh, and I am quitting my job soon so there are things I have to tie up at work.

Let's just say, June 30 can't come soon enough because this lady needs a break!

But let's talk about what has happened in the past month or so that I've been absent...

I crafted stuff that I actually sold, or am in the process of selling, but it wasn't done through etsy (once I'm done with my job in June I figure I will start crafting and putting stuff up for sale there!).  Nevertheless, I'm excited to sell my first little clutches and makeup bags.  I'm also in the midst of sewing an awesome purse for my mom that she is taking with her on her Greece/Italy trip at the end of June!!  I will put pictures up of that later.

Also, the sister's wedding is coming up and I have things I need to craft like crazy.  I made her chair signs (but I'm not done... EEP!) and I am making these cute picture blocks that have pictures of her and her soon-to-be-hubs on them and they each contain a letter that spells out "MR & MRS HENKE."  I'm finishing those this weekend (cross my fingers!).  I also have to craft what will be the most amazing, awesome, fabulous speech EVER!  (or what might possibly be the worst, horrible, unfunny, speech ever, but we'll see.)

Also (I say that A LOT), ELEPHANTS!!  We got back from elephants a week ago and OHMYGAWRSH it was AWESOME!!  I shall post pictures soon because they pretty much rock my face off!!

And that's all.  Sorry, no pics, but I believe imagination is stronger than visual cues anyways!!