About Me!

Hi! I'm Kristi, the Mama MonsterRat!!  WOOT!!

I'm in my mid-twenties, married (to the goof-ball on the left), the mother of two adorable pups (Chico and Wrigley), and live in the Twin Cities! I'm currently going to graduate school to get my Masters in teaching Communication Arts and Literature at the secondary level (grades 5-12). I love to read, write, craft, paint, pretty much anything having to do with being creative and making things. I'm going to try to use this blog as my crafty blog, showcasing what I make and maybe even trying to sell it!

This blog started out as my wedding blog, but after about four posts and then getting married, it didn't seem to fit my needs anymore so I have decided to change it, but some of my wedding posts are still there!

You may be wondering where the name MonsterRat came from, and who those adorable little pups are at the top of my blog, well I will tell you. They are the inspiration for my blog name; they are my monster and my rat!

Let me tell you a little more about them...

First of all, you need to understand that they are my children, they may be four-legged, furry, and like to lick everything, but they are my children and I love them for all their doggy tendencies!

Chico, the Monster, is my baby boy. I got Chico (on a whim) my junior year of college. I was depressed and going through a lot with that, and for some reason I thought that a dog would provide me with that companionship I was longing for. So i saved up my money (maybe it wasn't really a whim) and when the opportunity presented itself, I snatched him up! I have to say, it worked fairly well and he's been my little doggy antidepressant and therapist ever since (note: I'm not saying that everyone who is depressed should go out and buy a dog, I'm just telling you how it worked for my situation!) Now he is five years old and stubborn as an old man! He's a tank too, all muscle, no fat (his fur sometimes makes him look chunky, but I assure you that when he gets shaved he's a skinny little monster with big ol' Popeye front legs!). Chico Monster has got an attitude for days (hence, the nickname "monster") and he is not shy about letting you know what he wants (either treats or walks) by barking ferociously until it is given to him (spoiled...yes!). He's a very independent little boy, preferring to do everything himself and only coming to me when he feels like it or when he needs something only I can get him (food). He's kind of like a cat that way, but I still force him to cuddle every once in awhile! Overall, he's the love of my life (in addition to my husband and our new pup!).

That brings me to Wrigley Rat. We just adopted her two weeks ago (and thus do not have a lot of pictures outside of her rescue ones) under the condition that no matter what dog we got we had to name it Wrigley (husband is diehard cubs fan). So, she's our little princess! She loves to cuddle and get belly rubs and snuggle right up by your face when you sleep (sooooo not like Chico). But she is a ball of energy right now and likes to jump and nip at you when you get home, when you take off your shoes, when you put socks on, when you are trying to sleep in the morning. She's a handful right now! The reason we have dubbed her "the rat" (which we attributed to her real quick once we got her) was because she is like a little rodent. She squeezes into the tiniest places (like underneath the thing that we put in front of our kitchen door to keep her out, there is about four inches of space on the bottom and she weasels her way underneath it just to get to the other room!) She's also really fast and just goes crazy sometimes running around the room and nothing can stop her when she gets worked up into that frenzy! It's kind of cute, because Chico used to do that a lot when I got him, and sometimes he still gets worked up enough to do it, but he's got nothing on her, because she's so super fast!

And that's the story of my monster/rat!