August 8, 2011

What's shakin' bacon?

I like to rhyme.  A lot.  I do it so much that almost every name I call my dogs ends up rhyming or ending in Mc(something)erton or (something)pants...such as "idiot bidiot" "barky mcbarkerton" "stinky mcstinker pants."  I'd say it's a problem. I rarely call my dogs the same name twice (unless it is a swear of their more "beloved" nicknames is s***head...yes-gasp-I swear).

Anywho... I have realized, now that I have been unemployed for over a month, that I absolutely despise spending all this time at home.  Here I was thinking that I would be able to get a million things done, such as making and putting things on etsy, exercising every day (HAHAHAHAHA what a joke), keeping the house clean (an even funnier joke), working on units and lessons for student teaching (this really is not funny), and other tiny things I really really wanted to do but can't think of anymore.  I imagined my days full of structure and accomplishment; each hour of the day set aside for one thing or another.  Instead, I am L.A.Z.Y.

I wake up around 9 (on a good day) and then haul my butt downstairs to the couch where I proceed to watch about 3-4 hours of HGTV.  I've watched so much of that channel that I'm starting to run into re-runs which I think is kind of hard to do with HGTV.  Then around 1, 2, or 3 I come out of my television coma to shower and put normal clothes on before going back down to sit on the couch.  Sometimes I will take a look around my house and will be shaken out of my zombie state by the horror of how disarrayed it is.  It is at this point that I will pick up the 3-4 dog toys from the living room floor, fluff the couch pillows, and push the larger dust bunnies under the couch with my foot in an attempt to make it look like I did not sit around on my butt all day.

Also during my hours of lethargy, I am prompted once or twice or at least a dozen times to yell at my two terrible monsterific ratty wonderful and obedient dogs to stop wrestling on top of me because they are disrupting my goal of making a permanent butt-groove in the couch.  I then have to move to the other couch and it does not have my butt-groove so obviously I am not comfortable.  I really thought I loved dogs until I spent every freaking hour of the day with them for over a month!!!  And I do really really really really love my pup-children, but there is only so much one Mama MonsterRat can take and she's had it!!

Okay, so I hope that some of you realize that I was being hyperbolic with my laziness (kind of).  I like to exaggerate because I am Irish and because it's fun!  I have been mildly productive, especially in the creating things for my etsy shop.  I've actually worked very diligently this week to get some things made.  So far I have 3 paintings and 7 clutches made.  I've also added something to my fold-over clutches that really make them fabulous!!  Now I just need to finish them and take pictures to put online.

I have gotten a bit further on creating a unit for student teaching this fall.  The unit is on To Kill a Mockingbird.  I'm excited, nervous, frightened, overwhelmed and excited about creating this, but my overwhelmedness (is that a word?) is making me procrastinate.  You see, when I really really really should do something (like write in this blog more often) my body reacts in the most opposite way by rejecting having anything to do with working on creating a unit (or writing in a blog regularly).  Don't ask me why, I probably understand myself least out of everyone.

Anyway (I dropped the 's' because apparently "anyways" is not a word...way to go future English teacher), I am going to leave it there for now.  My posts are always a little too long and ranty, so I'll sign off for the day (or month)!!

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