May 13, 2011

First Order!

I am {finally} mailing out my first order today--WOOT!!  I'm so excited!!  I made cute little business cards to go in them that have my blog and shop address on them.

The order I am sending out is for my sister's friend (though I've known her since I was little).  She wanted three clutches and three makeup bags that she will give as gifts!!  She left the fabric choices and colors all up to me, so I hope she loves what I chose.  Unfortunately I made the {rookie} mistake of NOT taking any pictures of them before sending---whoops!  Mostly because I don't have my sister's fabulous camera anymore {frowny face}.

But, that's okay.  I will make more once my sister's wedding is over and post them on etsy {another finally here}.  I also included extra business cards in my package to her (because she asked for them) so hopefully I can get some stuff posted soon in case I actually get {a little} business from word of mouth!

Anyways, here are some pictures of my packaging.  Nothing special, just tissue and some embroidery thread, and of course my brand-spanking-new business card (the deets on my blog and shop are on the back--didn't take a picture of that either--duh {slaps hand on forehead}!).

Also, I took these pictures with my phone, which isn't one of those fancy everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-phones, so the clarity is pretty awful!!

Pretty {crumpled} tissue paper.  It's crumpled because I had it all packed up to ship but then took it out to add my fancy business card!

"creations for a happy life!" My little tagline for my shop. I'm sure it is being used in multiple other places, but as far as I can remember I haven't plagiarized!!  Plus I think it sums up what I do: CREATE.  And people will just have to go online if they want to find out just what kind of things I "create!"

That's all for today!!

Oh... and a little shameless blog plugging for my husband.  He has his own blog (he actually started before I did {gasp}) and his blog address is:

It's really about sports, movies, tv, anything on his mind, a little politics, not so much religion, but just about anything (but really, sports and movie heavy).  I think he's hilarious though {I swear I'm not biased}!!

Okay, goodbye for good (I'll try to post elephant pictures soon!!)

I lied!!  Wrigley is at work with me again today and she says, "Woof!" (which means "hi!").

Or not because she looked away!!  But she's still cute, even in side profile!!


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