June 14, 2011

Upcoming (regular) posts (hopefully)!!!

I am very thankful my blog is not a sentient being (but who am I to make assumptions about computers and the internet)...because my blog would be starved to death by now.  But that's all about to change!!

Why you ask?  Because yesterday I gave my two weeks notice at work (more like 17 days) and come June 30 I will be a free woman who has a very exciting summer ahead of her!

I'm mostly happy to just have the cat out of the bag and be openly excited at work about student teaching in fall.

So here is a schedule for my work-free summer:
-July 1-5: Second honeymoon in Washington, D.C.  (This was the husband's pick and I will neither deny or confirm that he chose it more for the cubs playing the nationals on July 4 than he did for wanting to be in D.C. over the nation's birthday)

-July 7-10: I will be going to Madison on July 7 to drop off my parent's dog, Jasper (we are watching him while my parents are in Greece/Italy...feel bad for them, really) But on July 8 I will drive up to Appleton to spend the weekend with my BFFFFFFFFFFF (that's Best Friends Forever Forever Forever...etc).  We've been friends for over 15 years so it's kind of a big deal.  And we will be going to see the Josh Groban concert (whom we've been in love with for a decade...wow we're old).  We'll also probably be staying up late and talking a lot, watching movies, painting our nails, putting makeup on, going shopping, talking about boys, and doing other girly things. (I'm serious, that is NOT me being sarcastic because we tend to revert to our 15 year old selves when we're together...it's pretty much the Awesomest thing ever!)

-July 11-15ish (whenever really): I will be at home, hanging out with my wonderful mom (who just bought me a surger...she's so great!) and my grandma and my dad (if he's home, not sure of his work schedule) and just be chillin' like a non-working or school-going villain!

-July 15ish: go home to my hubs and the bubs (my nickname for the pups)!!

-July 17: I take my Minnesota License Teacher's Exam in my content area...SOOOOOO Nervous, but will take deep breaths.

-End of July sometime: Warrior Dash!  It's 3 mile obstacle course that I am doing with my sister, her husband, and her friend.  I'm kind of out of shape (and that's putting it mildly) but it will be fun and I will get muddy and fun should be had by all (plus, FREE BEER when you finish).

After that the summer is pretty open and will go by fairly fast in anticipation of being a "Candidate Teacher" (aka Student Teaching).  My high school supervisor just emailed me and asked me to create a 2-3 week unit on "To Kill a Mockingbird" so I am excited and terrified by that!

I also intend to sew some more and stuff and put it on etsy and try to update this blog more.  I know I still have a lot of posts to put up here:

-Like my one tu-to-ru from months ago
-ELEPHANTS!!!! (seriously, why have I not done this yet?!?)
-Pics of the purse I made for my mom for her trip to Greece and Italy (it's gorgeous!!)
-Just general updating of what's been going on!

So stay tuned (my three readers) and I'll hopefully have more for you!!

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